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Our Services

Port Gardner Property Management is here to help you with your management needs! 

Condominium/HOA Community Management

At Port Gardner we recognize the importance of cohesive administrative services and a solid accounting system to meet the needs of your community. Our Community Managers pride themselves in providing excellent board & committee communications, correspondence, financial management, ACC requests and Association Rule Compliance. Have a special need? Let us know! We have additional services to offer to accomodate any need you may have! 


We place great emphasis on our accounting abilities. Port Gardner’s accounting system is capable of providing all of the information your Board needs for tracking income, expenses, budgeting, financial reporting, vendor communications and payments and more!  

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No management company would be complete without the ability to handle every conceivable maintenance issue. Port Gardner uses a variety of independent contractors that give you and your property efficient, quality work at reasonable prices.


Property Rental Management

Interested in renting/leasing your property? We manage Single and Multi-family homes at a reasonable rate whether you just need help finding a tenant or would like to utilize our full management services. We can help!

Services include, but not limited to:


Marketing property for lease

Tenant Screening

Rent Collections

Property Maintenance

Evictions (if necessary)

Monthly Financial Reporting to Owners

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Still looking for what you need?

Let us know! One of our property managers will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss how we can best serve you. 

Suburban Homes
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